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You Can Do This Too

by steve.

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Officer Inbred, what went wrong To put down your textbooks and pick up a gun Cause daddy was a cop And his daddy was a cop And you’re too scared to do something different I’ll exercise my rights and I’ll just say no You’ll throw another tantrum in the form of a ticket You self-loathing bigot You self-loving piglet You arrogant, hypermasculine shit
I’ll be your disposable friend Yeah I’m pissed off with how it ends You really turned into someone else I’ll be your occasional friend You’ll go on, and on, and on, again Can’t you tell it to your boyfriend Go on, so long, you’ll never see me again (When you hit me, make sure it’s with a closed hand) You’re pissed off, I can tell You’re ticked off, I don’t care
One more sip of alcohol But I’m downing a pitcher or two Before you make me get up from this barstool I know that you want me back at your place I don’t wanna show up at your door Totally shitfaced One more mistake is all I got I’m getting too old Really nah, I’ll probably hit you up So I’m not alone No one deserves you like I do Sucks to suck, but I hate you
Gansette 02:22 video
Bile goes rising from the company It’s the same familiarity that consumes me I suppose i should finish up writing this song I don’t really care about what anyone says All the fucking haters you can read my head Get a clue, I hate you And your fake rockstar shit is overused Am I dumb for writing this song Cause I know that you won’t sing along Am I this predictable It’s the same shit over and over Fuck this, I’m so over it Pass me a Gansette Crack another one open, and I’m feeling kinda bitter Your girl still super liked me on Tinder Sick set, dude, like you’re supposed to Can I borrow your hi-hat clutch, dude I’ll still be here screaming in the basements You’ll waste money, fake being famous Honestly I just wanna watch you fall I bet you never heard this before The same five chords Fuck it, it’s catchy, and I don’t care I’m sick of being so obvious while I’m puking my guts up on the SEPTA bus I was drunk at brunch, now I’m laying on the ground
Warpath 00:49
She keeps teasin’ me Got me on my knees and pleading That I won’t have time to fix this in the morning I don’t wanna be the reason you’re losing sleep I just wanna be the reason you’re pulling teeth Out of your head I’ll live with this weight all on my chest That I’m your second choice at best
Let’s give it up to the weekend Let’s give it up to fake ass friends Give it up to the time I could have spent anywhere else You know that Tired of pretending Constant conforming Constant fucking mending So bury me in the concrete Between Delafield and Philly What do I know if you can’t understand Punish me when we’re talking What do I know if you can’t understand Punish me when we’re talking Keep playing in dirty laundry I’ll call this clean living
Rob & Alan 01:38
Here I am, once again It’s three AM, and I’m sitting here Thinking about it Why do all my songs sound the same? Where all i do is cry and complain Well, here we go, again Just another boy, upset over a girl And i’m so sorry I know that y’all don’t care Can I borrow a feeling Can you lend me a jar of love Hurting hearts need some healing Take my hand with your glove of love
I wanna see you so we weigh out all our problems I wanna be you so I stop feeling all of this stress Falling down on me Don’t wanna leave my room and start see an untidied house It’s like my brain won’t let me forget that I saw this mess Just surrounding me Maybe I will be more honest Maybe I will start to get better
Hawwwwwt Dog 01:46
Think I’m kinda hungry I’ll stop at the 7 Eleven Hey there, mister Can you pass me one of those Big BItes Think I’m gonna put some cheese on it Jalapeno, too Fuck it, gimme that chilli Man, I’m so stoked Walk up to the register and pay Walk out, feeling great Get to my car and Unsheath excalibur Take a bite, oh shit Why? It fell on my shirt I knew this would happen Nothing in life is easy It sucks to be me right now Hot dog suit Hot dog suit


This is for our friends, our family, anybody who's ever came out to support us. Thanks to Gaby, Rob, and Alex of the I Surrender Records fam for helping us out.


released November 8, 2019

Engineered by Max Rauch
Mastered by Bill Henderson
Cover art by Elizabeth Von Oehsen

Additional vocals provided by Jess Munzial and Max Rauch


all rights reserved


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