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by steve.

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This is for our friends, families, the believers, and the Seether


released November 9, 2016

Produced by Kyle O'Connor and Nicholas Rapon
Engineered by John Naeder and Ben Luckman
Mastered by Rachel Lightner

All songs written and performed by steve.

Additional vocals: Nicholas Rapon, Seth Blissenbach, and Ally Rose.

Album Art: Vanessa Lasky



all rights reserved


steve. New Brunswick, New Jersey

Three-piece dank with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.

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Track Name: TF Happened to that Miguel Song?
Sitting in my room alone
while you're out with all my friends
telling them how much you hate me
and how much you'll never miss me

I just wish I had more time to explain the words i chose
but I guess that, it doesn't matter anymore

I just wish that
You would tell me what you want, tell me how you feel
But I guess that
it's too much to ask for and I shouldn't expect it
But I'm so sick of pretending you're a someone
when you're a no one
and I'm so sick of this, can't handle this

I just wish I had more beer
so all my words would seem more clear
but I guess that's just another reason why I have to let go
I don't care how you feel
So just skip your bullshit spiel
and I'll tell you how I'm never gonna miss your voice
Track Name: SEGA Memecast
You say I'm not your type
can you explain the night you kissed me on your rooftop under South Philly skies
You've got your new boyfriend
He's on your mind, again
Well I think he'd be surprised to know where you left off with me

Drown your heart in awkward pop songs, never call me again

She always told me I'm a no one
She told me to pack up my shit and get the fuck out
"What's the point if you can't hold a job, or beat Super Mario"

"Steve, you're a failure
Quit your job and fail Bowser's Castle"
Track Name: Heart Attack on Titan
I just wanted to feel something, again
Something I wouldn't feel in the end
I wanted you so badly
You just wanted to keep it casual
nothing too out of the usual
I never needed you that way

Surrounding myself with all my friends
Asking them, are they worth it
Getting all the stupid answers that I need to hear

I went to blonde from hair of black
you told me you were gonna have a heart attack
I told you that I'm fine
Yeah you let me cry into your chest
Said we all can't be like the rest
If you don't want me then why do you need me

I hope that you're doing fine

There's no need for this to end bad
No need to bring out the iron clad
there's no need for this to fall down
No, we're not card houses
We don't stand from support of others
Track Name: Purp Durp
Warm body abrasion
my only one temptation
for the solace that I feel when I'm with you

A quick, midnight fight
after a lonely Brooklyn night
leaves me breathless seeking an alibi

Pointless, I'm alright
Under my parents' back porch light
Track Name: Foney Hawk
I know that you're the kind of girl who puts your needs way ahead of mine
I know that you're the kind of person who wastes all my time

Wouldn't it be worth it
to have some sort of mutual assertion

I know that you're the kind of lady who tells me when I'm being over dramatic
I know that you're the kind of the girl who falls in love with the thought about it

Wouldn't it be worth it
to find someone better than me
to hide your emotions from me

(I'm falling down)
This is me trying
This is you lying
This is what it feels like to be alone
But I guess that you could say I tried
and I have myself to blame but I guess that's okay
I'm going nowhere really fucking fast
I'll look back and say
I'm not doing okay

(I sing these high school songs to show that I can get along with the things that I chose to do, culminate to thoughts of you)